During some research on the internet I noticed this article about the clothing brand ‘Ark’ (Acts of Random Kindness). Instead of giving their clothes or other stuff away and showing generosity to their customers, they did exactly the opposite. Ark asks its customers to do something nice every time they’re wearing the brands clothes. For example you can get some groceries for your grandma, buy someone a coffee or give away your seat at the bus of train. It doesn’t have to be a huge thing, just that little nice thing that will make a person’s day.

Not very long ago their was this Dutch tv-commercial from the government which encouraged the Dutch people to behave more nice to each other. This shows that there’s definitely a problem, at least in the Netherlands but people all over the world become more and more selfish. This probably has something to do with the fact that everything has to be perfect nowadays. People have to look good, have to have a great job, the perfect kids and husband and a nice house with a shiny car. They only think about themselves and care about there own needs. That’s why a brand as Ark has some great future growth potential. We’re now at a time where it’s cool to be nice and people want to show this off. Now they can do this with the clothes of Ark.

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